Sunday, February 14, 2016


Interview in Sound Waves Magazine:

First Listen: The CarLeans “Irene”

by Brian Carroll - February 10, 2016

There is a hurt in the tone and emotion of the tune “Irene” by The CarLeans. Jim Carpenter has a John Prine or late-in-life Johnny Cash whisper and cut to his voice. Soft and hushed in a way but still gruff and meaningful in its delivery. It begs you to pay attention and lean in close to listen at the softer parts of the song.

she was late, in the early Spring  it was fate, she lied, now she wears your ring
those church bells rang like a siren
she was showin by then and you were gone, Irene

The tune builds nicely, while remaining bare. Sarah MacLean’s tender harmony vocal blends beautifully with Carpenter’s rasp and the string arrangements dance delicately around the story of the song.